What can I do in web3? Artists Next steps and your rights over your work

Next steps and your rights over your work

As you can see, NFTs come in all shapes and sizes, colors and collections.

Focus on what you like, and create art you're passionate about and you'll find the right audience for your work.

Everyone has their own art styles and preferences.

Some creators have long roadmaps for their NFT collections and others are just simply images that you can collect.

There is no right and wrong answer when it comes to art.

As we mentioned in the NFT chapter, NFT collections might be valuable because of their utility. For example, you might be able to redeem a limited edition physical item, or get access to a private members-only club.

Some NFTs give the buyer full ownership over the art, while others retain the intellectual property rights for the original artist.

If you own a WoW NFT, for instance, you own the underlying artwork and all of its intellectual property. You can use your WoW for commercial purposes, so long as it doesn’t promote hatred, violence, or intolerance.

What token holders can do with their WoW brings us to the topic of copyright and intellectual property (IP) nicely.

Here are two important things to consider when buying NFT art. Just remember that this is not an all-encompassing assessment of NFTs and is only mentioned to help you get familiarized with what to look out for as an artist and illustrator and what this could mean for token holders of your work.

Point 1

There might be a misconception that being the token holder of an NFT is the same as owning the underlying digital asset. In other words, you might think that you have the ability to control who gets to see your art or not. But that may not be the case. You should be aware that, unless specified elsewhere in the conditions of sale, your NFT can be publicly appreciated and viewed by anyone.

Point 2

Under copyright law, the artist or creator generally owns the copyright of the work produced. This means that all creators of an NFT collection retain the copyright of the underlying work of the NFT unless it is clearly expressed otherwise. When buying an NFT, it is worth checking what rights the buyer is entitled to.

For example, some NFT collections may give you IP rights, while others may not. The creators of the NFT collection would have to clarify what rights you have in a written agreement.

But laws and rights in this space are still being defined, and we'll begin to see changes as they evolve. If you're uncertain about what you can do, always follow the brand's official page and learn directly from them what rights you're entited to.

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