Finding communities

Finding a sense of community can vary and with everyone being spread across the world and remote, there are a couple different ways to find a community you can trust:

A lot of the time, you’ll see web3 communities hang out on social media platforms such as Discord, Twitter or Telegram:

  • Discord: a group-messaging platform originally created for gamers. But it has attracted other types of communities and groups too, including web3 communities.
  • Twitter: you’ve probably heard of this one already. If you haven’t, it’s basically a social networking site. You can post short messages, share memes, and receive updates from web3 brands, collections or other fellow community members.
  • Telegram: another messaging platform that some people use to get updates about their favorite projects and talk to other community members

Finding your own community

There are creative ways to find your own community in web3; whether it’s interacting with someone’s art or joining a meetup in person, each community has ways you can meet members that is unique to them.

There are also other roles and responsibilities in web3, some of those include being a Community Manager, a community assistant or a moderator.

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