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What is a web3 Community?

You’ve probably heard a lot about how community culture is important for web3 brands.

But what exactly does this mean, and why is it so important?

A web3 community refers to a group of people who come together to show their support for a brand or project. Members of the community discuss a range of topics, exchange ideas, and challenge each other’s ideas.

The people a project or brand draws to its community is usually a reflection of the brand’s vision, goals, and values.

Each community interacts differently, but sometimes conversations will be focused purely on financial logistics like the “floor price,” bombarding the founders with questions about what they are building next or just straight up “FUD” (fear, uncertainty and doubt).

There is no right or wrong way of doing things. Each community will have its own preferences, and each person will have their own views of what they prefer when looking for a web3 community.

However, to play it safe as a newcomer, you will likely want to find a community where members help each other out, discuss thoughts and ideas openly, and keep price talk and FUD to a minimum.

There is a lot that goes into managing web3 communities, and behind each one, there will be a community manager that shapes the culture you step into.

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