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What is a metaverse?

You may have seen images like these in articles that talk about the Metaverse:

While some metaverses may be experienced with Virtual Reality (VR) goggles, they’re not needed to access them.

So what do we actually mean when we talk about the metaverse?

Well, it’s helpful to think about the metaverse as the digital version of our universe. The metaverse, in a sense, replicates and mimics real life, but with a digital twist.

The digital world is not bound by the same physical limitations that we have in real life. In the metaverse, you can fly, walk through walls, have superfast speed, breathe underwater, and much, much more.

But why do we need a digital copy of our current reality?

This can be answered in many ways. Let’s explore one answer to this 👇

At its core, the Metaverse is an extension of the current internet. While the internet enables us to talk to people, buy products, and learn new things, we can not fully immerse ourselves in the experience; our interactions are limited by the interfaces we use.

Let’s take a classroom as an example.

We may agree that a pre-recorded video and live meeting can’t replicate the feeling of being present and engaging with other people. That’s where the Metaverse comes in.

The metaverse gives us an opportunity to connect with each other in more engaging and interacting ways, regardless of physical distance. It also offers a more engaging and interactive experience.

Take Amazon, for example. Rather than simply scrolling through an online store like Amazon, you can explore virtual stores, try on digital versions of clothing, and engage in a shopping experience that closely mimics the physical world.

Here’s another example: Imagine an engineering student tuning into Zoom lectures. It can be dull and underwhelming. Now, imagine that lecture being transformed into an interactive learning experience with virtual tools and stations you can 'touch' and 'feel'.

Or imagine a medical student's ability to practice surgical procedures in a simulated environment. One that reduces risks and transfers applicable skills and lessons into the real world.

By leveraging the metaverse, we can unlock new possibilities for education, entertainment, and social connection. The possibilities are endless, and we’re no longer bound by the limitations of real-life constraints!

Now, in this next lesson, let's take a look at the types of metaverses out there.

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