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How do I keep my wallet safe?

We want to help you keep your wallet as safe as possible, so here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Be wary of airdrops sent to your wallet or through DMs. Scammers have been known to hack wallets through these tactics.
  • Exercise extreme caution when opening links, even from people you trust. There's always a chance their account may have been compromised.
  • Always read through your screen prompt or smart contract blurbs before signing or approving anything. A helpful reminder when you’re first connecting your wallet to a site is to make sure that the message does not involve a transaction fee. If you encounter an unexpected transaction fee, do not sign the transaction and check what site you’re on before proceeding any further.
  • Use your own computer. Be wary of keyloggers and software that may be able to track you typing your seed phrase or other passwords.
  • Sometimes, interacting with smart contracts can be costly, and you may have to pay “gas fees.” These fees can vary, so be sure to check the actual cost of an item before buying it.
  • Be careful about trading assets if you’re using public WiFi. Public WiFi can be risky and make you more vulnerable to attacks as you don't know if anyone or anything is watching your online activity.
  • If you’re suspicious of any fishy behavior, report it right away.
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