What makes up web3? Wallets What are web3 Wallets?

What are web3 Wallets?

Disclaimer: This is NOT Financial Advice (NFA) These lessons serve as a guide for what to look for in web3, but they should not be considered a definitive solution. Please do your research and diligence before making any significant purchases or taking action.

What is a web3 wallet?

A web3 wallet, also known as a “digital wallet,” is your key to the world of web3.

It allows you to access dApps, DeFi, and store your digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

There are two types of web3 wallets: custodial and non-custodial. In the following lessons, we’ll be talking about non-custodial wallets.

But let’s quickly look at the differences between the two first.

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