What makes up web3? Wallets Let's open a wallet together

Let's open a wallet together

Your wallet will be like your own personal playground to experiment and jump around different collections already out there. Whether you’re into art, gaming, music, or socializing, there’s something from everyone in web3.

So, are you ready to join the fun by setting up your own wallet?

Feel free to pick a non-custodial wallet of your choice, but to keep things simple, we will guide you in setting up a Metamask wallet, which is widely used by millions of users worldwide.

In the process of setting up a wallet, you’ll walk away with two things:

  1. A login with a password
  2. A Seed phrase – your private key

Your seed phrase (i.e. a set of 12-24 words) is your most important secret in web3, so it’s super important to keep it safe and secure!

Don’t lose it, show it to anyone, share it, or take a screenshot or photo.

Grab a piece of paper and write it down twice, just to be safe! You can hide it away in a secret spot or keep it locked in a special place.

Your wallet setup may vary or look different depending on your browser.

With MetaMask, you’ll need to set up the app on your browser. MetaMask has a mobile application offering but we recommend you use it on a browser.

⚠️ When downloading MetaMask, always check the URL and ensure it is the right one.

If you are using the Chrome browser:

  1. Visit https://metamask.io/
  2. Hit "Download" in the menu bar.
  3. Click “Install MetaMask for Chrome.” You will be directed to the Chrome Web Store.
  4. Click “Add to Chrome.”
  5. On the pop-up, click “Add extension.”

Once you have added the MetaMask extension to your browser, it will open automatically. To make it easy to access, feel free to pin it to your toolbar by clicking the jigsaw icon in the top-right of the screen and then clicking the pin icon.

Pro tip💡: You can set up a new wallet offline to increase security. Try downloading the wallet app from the app store and then turning off your wifi before setting it up. You'll notice that the set-up process still works without an internet connection.

Awesome! Now that your wallet is all set up, you're ready to explore the world of web3. Use your wallet to browse different collections and crypto, deposit funds, buy assets like NFTs, and send and receive money.

Lastly, here’s an article that explains how to send and receive money through your web3 wallet.

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